Term 6, Perspective III, Week 3

For a description of this unit see my Perspective III unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I spent more time than usual doing research this week. I’m doing more design-oriented projects, and they involve researching a culture or time period and gathering reference. I like concept design because it’s like drawing from imagination but with helpful springboards so you’re not just staring at a blank page. I really like the idea of using a process or checklist when designing because I spend less time staring at the canvas wondering what to draw. I am taking Concept Art Bootcamp (CABC) online at Brainstorm School. My first class was Saturday, so the assignments will overlap with my normal curriculum for 8 weeks. If I enjoy it, I may enroll in two classes over the Summer, assuming I can handle the workload. They usually don’t offer online classes, so I’m trying to take advantage while I can. At least some good has come out of the pandemic.


Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Jan. 17

Drawabox 100 treasure chest challenge.

Ancient architecture design.

The term “design” is used loosely. I just put one building on top of another.

Ancient architecture sketches.

Tuesday, Jan. 18

Treasure chests.

Ancient Egyptian architecture sketches.

I’m trying to design some buildings for an ancient Egyptian tribe in a fictional real-time strategy game. First I’m just sketching some of the reference I gathered.

Wednesday, Jan. 19

Treasure chests.

Ancient Egyptian architecture sketches.

Thursday, Jan. 20

Treasure chests.

Friday, Jan. 21

Treasure chests.

Ancient Egyptian architecture sketches.

Ancient Egyptian RTS designs.

These seemed to get progressively worse. I like the healing and mining buildings, but the priest and chariot buildings didn’t turn out as well. Ideally I would do 10–20 variations of each before settling on a final design to flesh out.

Saturday, Jan. 22

Treasure chests.

I started doing these without a ruler, and although the lines are a bit shaky, I think it is more helpful for my draftsmenship to do them free hand. It’s possible for the lines to be a bit crooked but for the overall form to still look correct. I like #34. It was the first time I used section drawing for the lid.

Ancient Egypt RTS thumbnail designs.

Sunday, Jan. 23

Treasure chests (no ruler).

Brainstorm School CABC assignment — 30 weapon design silhouettes.

I chose Indo-Persian war hammers. After we have 30 silhouettes we have to fill each one in with rough line drawings, so I’m basically drawing 60 hammers this week. I like the idea of pushing myself to keep coming up with variations on something relatively simple.



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