Perspective III Unit Plan

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.

I know I need more practice with perspective, but for some reason I’ve been avoiding it. Luckily, I’ve become more interested in it over the past couple weeks. I think not having ellipse guides made it difficult to study in the past, but now that I’m getting more comfortable with drawing digitally and I can use photoshop to create perfect ellipses I’m ready to give perspective another try.

I really enjoyed my design project from the last unit, so I’m going to incorporate a design element into this unit — this time, architecture design.




100 Treasure chest challenge from


Perspective Practice

  • Long-form perspective plots from reference (architecture)
  • Plan/elevation views of architectural elements
  • Deconstruct (break down into simple forms in perspective) architectural elements and rotate in space.


  • 20 minute architecture sketches from reference
  • Combine architecture reference to come up with new designs
  • Take a few of the best designs to a finish




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