Week of Dec. 5, 2022

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


For two and a half years I’ve practiced art every single day, which is why it felt so wrong to not do any art at all this entire week. However, I had three good excuses to take a week off.

  1. I just finished a semester at Brainstorm school where I devoted about 700 hours to art over a 10-week period.
  2. My arm hadn’t completely healed from RSI.
  3. My computer died and I had to get spend the time to replace it.

In some ways this week wasn’t really a vacation because I spent all of my time researching, buying, building, and configuring a new computer. I finally finished setting everything up about 5 minutes ago. I’ve always enjoyed building my own computers, and this time I took it a step further and did a lot more research than I ever have in the past. I’m still using my old graphics card because my new one (GeForce rtx 3080) is in the mail, but I’m excited to see how fast I can render with cycles in Blender.

I plan to get back to my regular drawing schedule next week for a unit on portfolio development.



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