Term 9, Brainstorm School Fall ’22, Part II, Week 7

Week of Nov. 28, 2022

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I’m officially finished with the Fall term at Brainstrom school. Overall I’m pretty happy with my final projects, especially considering how hecting the last 10 weeks were. A family member was in and out of the hospital, a pet spent the night in the emergency clinic, I got RSI and could barley use my right hand for 2 weeks, and this week my main computer died. The story of my computer is pretty ironic. I was playing around with stable diffusion (AI image generator software) and suddenly my PC crashed. After it rebooted, it was very unstable and kept crashing randomly. I either burned up my PSU or GPU. I’m still troubleshooting. It’s also ironic that earlier this week I was considering upgrading my GPU because Blender and stable diffusion both require nvidia and wouldn’t work with my 5 year old AMD card. Now I’m forced to upgrade, and I’ve found that it’s literally impossible to find a high end GPU anywhere near the retail price. Scalpers have scooped them all up and are charging double for them.

I’m looking forward to having time to relax over the holidays.

I have 6 weeks until next semester starts, and my plan is to work on my portfolio. I’m going to polish the pieces I made this semester and add some new pieces.

My study time was higher than usual this week because I spent a lot of time putting together final presentations for class.

Drawings and Critiques

Redesign of a Neiding Village house from Wagner’s Ring operas.

A well in the Neiding village.

I got a lot of useful feedback during the critique session. It was great because two concept artists from the new God of War: Ragnarok game were there to give feedback. It mostly boiled down to thinking harder about design.

Spaceship repair hangar.

The feedback for this was that the ship is too blocky and barely looked like a ship. It’s funny because I based the ship on a game from 1993 that I loved as a kid called Wing Commander: Privateer.

In 1993 computer graphics were very blocky. I see now that I could have added some cylinders.

Relighting a painting with curves adjustment layers.

This was really fun, and I enjoyed playing with the camera RAW filter in Photoshop. You can add grain to make it look like an old photo.



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