Term 9, Brainstorm School Fall ’22, Part II, Week 5

Week of Nov. 14, 2022

3 min readNov 21, 2022

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


This week I started having some pain in my forearm and had to take a break from drawing. I think I got RSI because a muscle in my flexor group (connecting the wrist to the elbow) starting hurting and tingling occasionally, even when I wasn’t drawing. I started doing daily stretches and cutting hours back. I’m doing the stretches in this video. It’s not very serious yet because most of the time I can use my arm as normal, but if I didn’t rest I think it could get serious. It’s unfortunate that it happened now because I was hoping to spend the next 2 weeks making my final projects for class as good as possible.


Drawings and Critiques


Refined 3 designs for my “Dark Souls meets Wagner’s Ring operas” project.

I’m pretty happy with how the second page turned out. I need to fix the lightning though. The instructor said it was too distracting and covered too much of the design. I need to get in the habit of thinking hard about the rhythm and purpose of everything I put down rather than adding it without thinking.


Perspective block in from photos.

The ideas was to use a photo as a quick base that we can then design on top of. I think I stuck too close to the photos most of the time. Next week I’ll pick one of these, pick a theme, and do a greyscale painting.


Plein air painting.

I could only get two done before I had to give my arm a break. I think doing more digital painting for the last couple months is what made my arm hurt because I was prone to doing small, repetitive back-and-forth motions with my wrist. I’m trying to concentrate on keeping my wrist straight and moving mostly from the elbow or shoulder. I bought a wrist brace that will hopefully help with this.