Term 9, Brainstorm School Fall ’22, Part II, Week 4

4 min readNov 14, 2022

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


My goal for most days is to draw for 12 hours. I almost never achieve that goal, but I don’t let that get me down. I look at 12 hours as the platonic ideal of the amount of drawing I can do in a day. Here is the schedule I follow.

If I spend every second of free time I have drawing, not counting 10 minute breaks to walk briskly around the block, then I have 12 hours a day to draw. However, any tiny little thing that happens in life takes that sum down to less than 12 hours. If I have a medical or dental appointment, I don’t hit my goal. If I have to call the bank or cable company for something stupid, I don’t hit my goal. If I have to spend some time paying bills, I don’t hit my goal. If I have to take a really long dump, I don’t hit my goal. Since life is always throwing these little hurdles into my plans, I just get done what I can and feel good about it. If I hit 12 hours, then it’s a perfect day. But let’s face it, the majority of days cannot be perfect. The only other way to draw more in a day is to compromise on sleep, exercise, healthy meals, or mediation, and I refuse to do that.


Drawings and Critiques


Continuing my final project.

I have no idea why this meager amount of work took 20 hours this week. I had a lot of trouble trying to draw an underground mine environment. I wanted it to feel really expansive, but the instructor suggested I reign it in and make it smaller so as to be more manageable. The next 3 weeks will be refining the designs I did this week and last week.


Mad scientist’s lab.

I will probably color this and put it in my portfolio. I still need to refine the whole left side of the room though.


Plein air painting.

Unfortunately I work on a desktop computer so I wasn’t able to go outside to paint. Plus it was 25 degrees Fahrenheit this week.