Term 9, Brainstorm School Fall ’22 Part I, Week 2

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I had a lot of homework for my 3 Brainstorm classes this week. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to finish everything. I’ll have more time next week, so I’m pretty sure I can get everything done, although AD1 has an intense amount of homework.


Drawings and Critiques

AD1 Week 1

Vehicle studies.

I’m getting better at vehicles but I still draw very, very slowly. That’s why these are basic form studies without any detail.

Vehicle form changes.

This is a great way to start coming up with new designs. I drew small diagrams to decide on a different distribution of the big, medium and small shapes, then put it in perspective. I was supposed to do another page of these, then take 3 designs and add a theme to them. I would have needed another 8–10 hours for that. Not a single person out of 18 students finished all the homework this week, so I didn’t feel too bad. Next week is even more homework, but I’m super motivated to try to finish it all.

WB1 Week 1

Environment thumbnails.

1, 2, and 3-point perspective. I’m looking forward to getting better at this skill. It’s difficult to make a landscape read with a simple line drawing. Next week we’ll refine 15 of these and give them a fantasy theme.

DC1 Week 1

Value studies with primitive forms.

I did a lot of this type of work in my Digital Painting Fundamentals unit. The big difference was that here I was allowed to use the gradient tool and airbrush. I kind of like the manually blended look better, but this way was a lot faster. Labeling the values helped me catch a lot of mistakes. Next week we have to do 130 black and white thumbnails from film frames. Taking three classes is going to be really tough, but I’m up for the challenge.



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