Term 8, Interior Concept Design, Week 6

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I finished my tallow chandler workshop and started on a second piece for the Syn Studio Interior Concept Design class. I have one more session left, and after that I start the fall semester at Brainstorm. Since the fall semester will be really busy with 3 classes, I’m taking it easy for the next couple weeks.


Drawings and Critiques

Finished version the the tallow chandler’s workshop.

This ended up taking 187 hours. I expect the next interior that I do to take less than half that time.

Here’s the whole process — sketches, 3D model, and line drawing.


I made this project thumbnail for my Artstation portfolio. Giving it a title with some fancy text makes it look like a real project.

Medieval cordwainer’s (shoemaker’s) workshop designs.

Since I finished my first piece, I am starting a second one. I’m thinking of it as part of one project where I would have several different guilds in a medieval game world. I only have two more weeks to work on this as part of my Syn Studio class. I’d love to have the finished 3D model and the line work done.



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