Term 8, Interior Concept Design, Week 1

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


My primary project for this unit will be to continue working on my 15th century candlemaker workshop project for the Interior Concept Design class at Syn Studio. Hopefully I can get 2 portfolio pieces done but right now I’m only on track to (hopefully) finish one. This week was a big learning curve because I was learning how to use blender. I learned a lot this week, mostly about 3D modeling, and I think I can now make most of the forms I’ll need to make without too much difficulty (unless they require sculpting). Next week I hope to finalize the 3D model and start learning about materials and textures. I kind of want to ignore textures and do all the painting by hand because I need the practice. I spent most of my time doing 3D this week, but I still made sure to draw for an hour minimum each day.


Drawings and Critiques

Sketches for 15th century candlemaker’s workshop.

I split all my main props up so I could arrange them in a room like puzzle pieces. My final design was the image on the right. I’m not done designing the fireplace yet. It can’t be a normal fireplace because you need to be able to pull out the bucket of tallow to make the candles, but still keep it warm enough that it doesn’t turn solid.

Alternate layout idea.

I ended up not going with this one, even though it would have been simpler.

3D render with drawover.

I found this process very useful. Once I got to a place with the 3D where I wasn’t sure what to do next, I rendered out an image then started drawing on top of it to fill in the empty areas. Then I’d make a checklist and start ticking things off one by one. I went through this process a few times. It’s amazing how I just keep thinking of more stuff to add.

Current state of the 3D model.

The main problems I still have to solve are 1) the fireplace, 2) what to do with the space beneath the dome, and 3) finish the details of the apparatus that lowers the candles into the vat of wax. The next step will be to do a detailed line drawing over the top.



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