Term 8, Brainstorm School Summer ’22, Week 5

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


This was the busiest week of the Summer, with homework for 3 classes. I’m looking forward to finishing up the Brainstorm classes and putting all of my focus into the interior concept design class. Part of that project will involve learning 3D, so I plan to learn Blender over the next couple months.


Drawings and Critiques

Brainstorm PBC week 5.


Rotating environment reference.

The Perspective Boot Camp class is over now, but we still have homework for the last week. We will receive written feedback for the assignments, which is pretty cool because no other class I’ve had at Brainstorm does this. I still have to do two more pages of these environments. I would like to “finish” them more with detailed line drawings, but these already take a long time and with 3 classes, I don’t have time this week. The good news is that I’ve finally weaned myself off of drawing perspective lines back to vanishing points. I’m more comfortable with grids and even eye-balling perspective.

Brainstorm FND I week 8 homework.

Vehicles are really difficult, but especially so when you can’t erase or use a ruler. One funky ellipse can ruin a whole drawing.

Notes for FND I week 9.

Syn Studio “Interior Concept Design.”

I’m glad I’m taking an environment sketching class next semester because I’m really bad at it. I got a solid 30 minutes of critique for this, so I have a good idea of where to go with it this week. I need to focus on just one floor and function (the workshop), and include detailed enough sketches of all the props so that they are recognizable.



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