Term 8, Brainstorm School Summer ’22 Part II, Week 1

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I’m calling this unit “Part II” because my VisCom Flash course ended and I started Perspective Boot Camp (PBC) at Brainstorm school. I think it will mostly be review for me because I’ve read every book on perspective I can find, but I’m excited to test my perspective knowledge and put it into practice.


Drawings and Critiques

Draw-through vehicle studies.

I need to push one of these drawings farther to see if I can take these blocky shapes into something more realistic. I should also add details like hubcaps, mirrors, and steering wheels.

Brainstorm FND I week 4 homework.

I posted the line drawings for the skeletons last week, but these are the rendered versions. We didn’t have any extra homework this week because the teacher had to postpone the class. I’m still struggling with pen rendering. The last image was supposed to be person wearing dinosaur bone armor, but I didn’t like how it turned out so I gave him bowling ball.

Brainstorm PBC week 1 homework.


Boxes, even and odd subdivided planes, mirrored angled planes, and symmetrical scaling.

Putting it all together.

FZD perspective, week 2: Environment thumbnails in 1-point perspective.

It was hard to find photo reference that was exactly in 1-point perspective, so I used photos in 2 point perspective but tried to imagine how it would look in 1-point. I feel like I retain more visual information when I have to change the reference to fit my needs. I like drawing medieval buildings, but medieval towns are not layed out on a rectilinear grid, which means they are in mixed perspective where groups of buildings have their own vanishing points. Here I forced them all into 1-point.



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