Term 7, Environment Design I, Week 3

For a description of this unit see my Environment Design I unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I feel like painting environments has been a subject that’s too advanced for my skill level. I have very little painting experience, so I should probably start with smaller objects. Either that, or I need to do a detailed line drawing first underneath the painting.


Drawings and Critiques

Environment thumbnails.

These were quick ideas to come up with the painting I wanted to take further. I chose the last one.

Environment from imagination.

Perspective block-in of Urithiru sketch from last week.

This looks fairly simple, but it took forever. I did find an amazing tool called Carapace that makes it really easy to create perspective grids: https://theartsquirrel.com/wiki/using-carapace-2-to-make-perspective-guides/

Finished Urithiru painting.

I spent about 20 hours on this. I had a lot of trouble with details, and it could still use a lot more.

Environment thumbnails.

I tried out some different brushes on these.

Master study.

This is a copy of the bottom right corner (that’s all I had time for) of this painting.

3D models built in Blender.

I spent a lot of time doing Blender tutorials this week. I feel like I already know enough to do basic 3d block-outs that I can paint over. I’ll be experimenting with that in the near future.



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