Term 7, Digital Painting Fundamentals, Week 2

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I’m enjoying this approach to digital painting. I feel like I’m learning from the ground up rather than jumping into complex environment paintings. I’m trying to focus on painting as much as possible right now because I’m taking two Brainstorm online classes this summer and both are drawing, so I won’t be able to do any painting between mid May and mid July.


Another record week!

Drawings and Critiques

Spheres (no airbrush).

Organic forms.

This felt a little bit like sculpting. I started with a blob and then tried to give it three dimensional form by adding value. I don’t really like the look of any of these but I got a lot of practice making 3d bumps on flat shapes.

Breaking animal reference into basic forms.

This was a more enjoyable exercise. It looks easy, but it can be a little mind bending to try to come up with a form for each body part and then figure out the correct perspective for it. I’ve done this exercise before, but it was much harder because I was working traditionally. With photoshop you can make all your pieces separately and then move them around and arrange them afterwards, which allows you to focus on overall proportion in a separate step instead of thinking about about while you’re making each individual piece.

I feel like I didn’t produce much work this week considering how many hours I put in.



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