Term 6, Value and Light, Week 5

Week of Feb. 28, 2022

3 min readMar 7, 2022


For a description of this unit see my Value and Light unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I decided to continue on with Value and Light this week instead of starting a new unit because my class homework took most of my drawing time (in a good way). This week I didn’t have any time at all for drawing outside of homework. We only have two more classes, so I’ll get back to Scott Robertson’s How to Render soon.


Drawings and Critiques

Our assignment this week was to do 30 silhouettes of a building, then do 30 sketches over them. I chose a medieval lighthouse. Most of the designs became more than 1 building, which made it more work, but I really enjoyed coming up with them.

Medieval lighthouse silhouettes.

Medieval lighthouse sketches.

The feedback I got from the instructor was to vary the sizes of the rocks more. I should have big, medium and small rocks, but right now they’re all medium. Same goes for the towers. Vary the widths and heights with more big, medium and small.

Next week’s homework is to pick 5 designs, refine them, and do 3 color variations of each. I started early because I know they will take a long time.

Medieval lighthouse — refined sketch. Based on sketch #3 on the second row.

I’m really happy with this. The difficult part was translating my 2d sketch into perspective. I thought my initial version had a good mix of big, medium, and small, but when I circled the main objects with a red pen, all the circles were the same size. I then redesigned and came up with this. It’s still not as pushed as it could be regarding big, medium and small. It sounds so easy to do, but it’s actually quite difficult to get a good balance.

Medieval lighthouse — painted.

This isn’t finished yet, but I like the direction it’s going. I was trying for a more painterly look than the previous coloring style I’ve been doing.