Term 6, Value and Light, Week 3

For a description of this unit see my Value and Light I unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I had a little more time this week for the unit materials because my concept art class at Brainstorm was cancelled. I took some of the time to start on next week’s homework because I know it will take a while. The rest of the time I spent practicing concepts from Scott Robertson’s “How to Render.”


Drawings and Critiques

Rendering geometric forms.

For some reason it’s really satisfying to plot out the forms and shadows, and lighting in correct perspective.

Here’s an example of how complex it is to construct a sphere with the correct terminator in perspective. I think you can get pretty close by guessing, which is way faster, but I like knowing the correct way if I ever want to verify something.

Character design refinement: Ottoman Empire steam cannoneer.

This is a refined version of one of my character thumbnails from last week. I’m mostly happy with it, but for some reason the right leg looks off. I made the chainmail by drawing a shape and then duplicating it over and over. Then I copied and pasted it around, stretching it to make it look wavy.

Character design refinement (work in progress).

I have to refine 5 thumbnails total, then do 3 color variations of each.



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