Term 6, Value and Light, Week 2

For a description of this unit see my unit Value and Light I unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


A basically spent the entire week on an assignment for Brainstorm’s Concept Art Boot Camp class. The nice thing about it is that I’m drawing original work (instead of copying tutorials) about 90% of the time.


Drawings and Critiques

Ottoman Empire Steam Cannoneers (silhouettes).

Ottoman Empire Steam Cannoneers (sketches).

This assignment took about 35 hours. For the bottom row I started limiting myself to 20 minutes per sketch to keep things moving. Otherwise I wouldn’t have finished by the due date.

Rendered box lit by the sun.

Rendered box lit by a point light.

These boxes are for practicing the information in Scott Robertson’s “How to Render.”



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