Term 6, Value and Light I, Week 1

For a description of this unit see my Value and Light I unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I spent most of the week on my Brainstorm online class. I’m really enjoying the class, but it doesn’t fit very well in a blog about self-directed study (because it’s not self-directed).


Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Jan. 31

Indo-Persian war hammers inspired by rhinoceros beetles.

The assignment for this week was to refine 5 of thumbnails from last week and do 3 color variations of each. We were supposed to use an existing color palette. It seems a little like plagiarism, but I think they are just trying to make it easier for beginners. We learned how to use layers to set up the lighting and color just once, and then you can duplicate it for each weapon and use adjustment layers to try several different colors without repainting everything.

Tuesday, Feb. 01

Refined war hammers.

The one on the left is my favorite out of all the hammers I drew this week.

Wednesday, Feb. 02

War hammers.

Thursday, Feb. 03

War hammers.

Friday, Feb. 04

War hammers.

Saturday, Feb. 05

Rendering basic geometric forms.

This is a very different process in photoshop than it is with charcoal or graphite, but the underlying concepts are the same.

Sunday, Feb. 06

CABC assignment 3: Character design thumbnails.

We were supposed to choose a culture and a theme, and do 30 silhouettes, followed by 30 rough sketches. I chose Ottoman Empire steam cannoneers. The idea is to use clockwork and steam engines to mount a cannon on a soldier.



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