Term 6, Intro to Concept Art, Week 1

For a description of this unit see my Intro to Concept Art unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


This was a fun week. I enjoyed drawing digitally and it was nice to draw natural objects like rocks and forests since I haven’t done very much of that. I hope to continue this type of sketching beyond this unit and change the topic every week as a way to build up my visual library.


My enthusiasm for the topic this week is apparent from the logs.

Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Dec. 06

Rock formation sketches from reference.

Tuesday, Dec. 07

Environment thumbnails from reference.

I created a template with my color palette and six frames set up so I can quickly do these thumbnails. It’s fun to make the light beams come through the trees.

Environment painting.

This is supposed to be black and white so I’m not sure why there appears to be some red or pink showing up. Since I can upload to Google photos from my phone without it counting against my storage space, I put these images on my phone and take a screenshot. The final version is pure grayscale so I’m not sure what happened with this one.

Wednesday, Dec. 08

Rock sketches from reference.

Thursday, Dec. 09

Environment thumbnails from reference.

I like the lower right one with the deer.

Environment painting from reference.

Continued from Tuesday.

Friday, Dec. 10

Rock sketches from reference.

Saturday, Dec. 11

Environment thumbnails from reference.

Environment painting from reference.

I’m pretty satisfied with this since it’s my first digital painting. It’s so much easier and faster to edit than it is with traditional paint. I don’t think the left 25% of the painting works as well as the right 75%.

Sunday, Dec. 12

GCA orientation seminar, assignment 4.

This is the last assignment for the class I’m taking at Grand Central Atelier. It was a simple still life. The only requirement was that the object had to be colored because we were supposed to focus on color value. I really like this drawing. Drawing a butternut squash is a strange way to spend a Sunday though.



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