Term 5, Unit II, Week 4

For a description of this unit see my Term 5 Unit II plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


Work was really busy this week so it was a light week for drawing. I tried to push myself to spend more time on a drawing then I normally would. At the point where I think to myself “I’m done with this,” I then force myself to spend another hour on it. It was a good exercise, and I will have to take it to the next level when I do Bargue drawings for the next unit.


Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Nov. 01

Gouache portrait.

Tuesday, Nov. 02

Figure lay-in.

Wednesday, Nov. 03

Head drawing.

Normally I would have stopped here, but I worked on it an additional night on Friday.

Thursday, Nov. 04

Figure lay-in.

This is a copy of drawing rather than a photo. The face looks funny, but I like the rest. It’s so much easier to copy a drawing than a photo.

Friday, Nov. 05

Head drawing.

This is about 2 hours past the point I wanted to stop. It’s probably the best head drawing I’ve done.

20 minute head lay-in.

Saturday, Nov. 06

Gouache portrait.

When I felt done with this, I forced myself to continue and spent another hour on the long curl of hair going down the front of her dress. At first I really messed it up, then I got it looking better than it did before. However, it then made the rest of the hair look much worse in contrast. The nice thing about gouache is that I can always reactivate the paint with water, then go in and spend more time on the hair if I want.

Sunday, Nov. 07

Thumbnails and block-in for gouache portrait.

Studies for comic art.