Term 5, Unit II, Week 3

For a description of this unit see my Term 5 Unit II plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I’m still enjoying the rotating schedule of different classes every day. I’ll probably continue doing that for the next couple units.


Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Oct. 25

Blocking in a portrait for gouache painting.

Original comic art.

Tuesday, Oct. 26

Figure layins.

Wednesday, Oct. 27

Head drawing.

I don’t like this one very much. The shadow side of the face seems to bulge out to much.

Thursday, Oct. 28

Figure layins.

Friday, Oct. 29

Head drawing.

I like how this is going. I’ll try not to ruin it when I take it to full value next week.

Saturday, Oct. 30

Block in for portrait painting.

The hair was really difficult and I’m happy with how it looks. It’s almost a shame to cover it with paint.

Sunday, Oct. 31

Three comps, and a portrait in gouache.

This is only the darks. Next week I’ll fill in the lighter values.



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