Term 5, Clothed Figure Drawing, Week 1

Week of September 13, 2021

For a description of this unit see my Clothed Figure Drawing unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum. If you were inspired by this post, consider leaving me a tip.


My plan this week was to use the weekend for my original drawing time and use the weeknights for study, thereby maintaining my 50/50 ratio. However, I didn’t do any original work this weekend, but instead did more studying. It’s much easier to do an exercise where the path forward is obvious than it is to do original art, where the path is unknown and requires a lot of problem solving and trial and error. Maybe I should do my own art first and only move on to exercises after I’ve finished my quota of original drawings.

Drawings and Critiques

Warmup, pipe fold, and diaper fold.

Pipe folds from imagination.

Zig zag fold.

Folds from imagination and comics.

Spiral fold.

Half-lock fold.

Clothed figure from photo, lay-in and mapping.

Drop fold.

Clothed figure from photo, rendering.

Sketching from reference in preparation for my next comic page.

Clothed figure from photo.

I decided to leave this here. I’m focusing on clothing right now, and I like how it turned out so well that I didn’t want to ruin it with a bad face or hands. I haven’t used charcoal for a few months, but somehow it felt like I improved in the subtlety of my shading. I spent a lot more time working areas until they looked good. In the past I think I stopped too early. It takes a lot of finess to blend everything nicely.

Drawing from moderndayjames’s Clothing II video on youtube.



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