Term 4, Figure Drawing IV, Week 1

Week of July 19, 2021

For a description of this unit see my Figure Drawing IV unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum. If you were inspired by this post, consider leaving me a tip.


It was fun to draw so many comic figures this week. It’s very difficult to make a quick gesture drawing look good, but I compared some drawings from a year ago and I’ve definitely improved. I have a lot of trouble with foreshortening, but I will gain more practice with that next week when I start focusing more on structure. This week I was focusing on proportions, movement, and balance. I tried to make sure the figures looked like they were planted on the ground (when applicable) and affected by gravity. Drawing from memory became easier when I just tried to memorize the main gesture line instead of the position of each limb. It’s often hard to get feet, hands, calves, and forearms to look right in a quick sketch.


Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Jul. 19

Working through David Finch’s youtube video on gesture drawing.

Gesture drawing from comics.

Each session I do gesture drawings from comics for 45 minutes, then close the book and draw them all from memory.

Original comic prelims and final.

Tuesday, Jul. 20

Gesture drawing.

Finishing comic page, and next panel’s prelim.

Wednesday, Jul. 21

Gesture drawing.

Original comic art.

I’m drawing from a photo of myself in this pose.

Thursday, Jul. 22

Gesture drawing.

Original comic art.

The thumbnails are trying to figure out the background for the finished panel.

Friday, Jul. 23

Gesture drawing.

Finished panel and planning the next.

Saturday, Jul. 24

Gesture drawing.

Starting with a blue line for the main gestural movement and then building the figure on top of it helps to keep the drawings from getting too stiff.

Sunday, Jul. 25

Gesture drawing.

I haven’t drawing with ink in a long time. It was fun to break it out again. Eventually I will do a series of inking units.

Tried to plan the next panel, but I just ended up doodling.