Term 3, Figure Drawing III, Week 4

For a description of this unit see my Figure Drawing III unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


Luckily I got some of my motivation back this week. It was much better than last week. I think I just needed a break from the Watts courses. I had a lot of fun copying comic pages. As usual, I’m really looking forward to the next unit (see my unit plan here), which I’ll start tomorrow.


I hope to get back into the 30–35 hour range next week.

Drawings and Critiques

Monday, May. 17

Gesture session from comics (5 x 1 min., 4 x 2 min., 1 x 5 min.).

Figure lay-in, copying instructor.

Copying a comic page (X-Men annual #14, page 21, by Art Adams).

I started with a light lay-in of each panel. I kind of chose this page at random, and the further I got into it, the less I liked the original page.

Tuesday, May. 18

Comic gesture session.

Copy a comic page.

Finished the layouts and started detailing. It’s a bit strange to reproduce the feathering with a pencil that an inker would use a brush or quill for. I have some inking units planned, but I probably won’t get to them for a few months. It’s all shape design anyway.

Wednesday, May. 19

Comic gesture session.

Warmup page.

30 minute figure lay-in from photo.

Copy a comic page.

Thursday, May. 20

Comic gesture session.

These are still really hit and miss, but I’m much happier with them on average than I was 6 months ago.

25 minute lay-in from photo.

Copy comic art.

Friday, May. 21

Comic gesture session.

20 minute lay-in, instructor copy.

Copy comic art.

I like how tis came out. Wrinkly faces are easy because it’s harder to mess them up. Also, having two eyes that don’t match is nice because it’s so hard to draw symmetrical eyes.

Saturday, May. 22

Comic gesture session.

35 minute lay-in, instructor copy.

The right leg sweeps down a bit too far. The toes are supposed to end where the heel begins.

Copy comic art.

The woman’s eyes in the second panel are too close together. I ended up erasing her right eye, but haven’t redrawn it yet. I like the third panel. The lighting from underneath works well.

Sunday, May. 23

Comic gesture session.

Copy comic panel.

I was hoping to finish this today, but it’s not quite done. The top right panel is my favorite on the page.



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