Term 3, Figure Drawing III, Week 3

For a description of this unit see my Figure Drawing III unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I spent less time drawing this week than I have any week since I started drawing one year ago on 5/30/20. In the last year, I would guess that there were maybe three or four days where I drew less than 2 hours, but this week there were 5 such days. Hopefully I just needed a short break and I get back to it next week. On the bright side, at least I still drew every day. Another positive is that all my photos uploaded with the correct aspect ratio this week. Hopefully that means Medium has fixed this bug.


Drawings and Critiques

Monday, May. 10

Gesture session from comics (5 x 1 min., 4 x 2 min., 1 x 5 min.).

30 minute lay-in from photo.

50 minute lay-in from instructor’s drawing.

The left foot and ankle are much larger than the right.

Tuesday, May. 11

Comic gesture session.

I didn’t even have the energy to take photos that didn’t have the shadow of my phone and hands.

Wednesday, May. 12

Comic gesture session.

30 minute lay-in.

I couldn’t finish this one. I tried to finish it all week, but every time I started, something blocked by hand from putting pencil to paper, so I finally gave up on it.

Thursday, May. 13

Comic gesture session.

Friday, May. 14

Comic gesture session.

Copy a comic panel.

I started with a light lay-in to make sure the placement of everything worked out.

Saturday, May. 15

Comic gesture session.

I think #1 from the 2 minute drawings is my favorite gesture of the week. I haven’t practiced drawing many clothed figures.

Copy a comic panel.

Here I reinforced the line work and started adding some detail.

Sunday, May. 16

Comic gesture session.

Copy a comic panel.

I would love to paint a scene like this.



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