Term 3, Anatomy II — Arms and Hands, Week 2

For a description of this unit see my Anatomy II unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


This week stood out in that I drew from imagination more than I have during any week in the last 6 months. My first year of drawing was focused on the fundamentals. Now that I’m entering my second year, I’m going to focus more on imagination. My goal is to use half of each drawing session to learn new things and do exercises, and the other half to draw from imagination, which includes doing exercises from imagination/memory, and creating original art (mostly in the form of comic pages). Ideally, I will use Mondays to write short scripts, do layouts, and gather reference. Then I can spend the rest of the week bringing the page to a finish. I’m getting ready for creating a nice comic portfolio, which will be the goal of my third year of study.


Drawings and Critiques

Monday, May. 31

Proko hand bones instructor copy.

My digital drawings are still pretty sloppy. With graphite or charcoal I can put down an straight line and then go over it several times so precisely that it still looks like one line, but with my tablet I can’t draw the same line twice. Not being able to see my hand throws me off.

Bridgman hands.

Copy comic art.

Both the hands are a little strange if you look too closely at them, and his right leg looks too small. Otherwise I like how this turned out. Some of the rocks in the foreground aren’t working very well.

Tuesday, Jun. 01

Bridgman hands.

Proko hand bones exercise and copying comic hands.

Hands from imagination.

Wednesday, Jun. 02

Bridgman hands.

Proko hand bones, copying instructor.

Copying comic hands, and hands from imagination.

I started the four fists with a simple block, spinning it around in space, then filled in the fist so it fit the perspective of the block. This was a great exercise, and is applicable to any piece of anatomy.

Thursday, Jun. 03

Bridgman hands.

Proko hand bones exercise (work in progress).

Friday, Jun. 04

Bridgman hands.

Proko hand bone exercise, copying instructor (work in progress).

Proko hand bones exercise.

Original comic art.

Even these rough layouts were really difficult. Once I don’t have any reference in front of me my mind goes blank and my hand stops moving. I really have to force myself to get some strokes onto the paper.

Saturday, Jun. 05

Proko hand bones.

Copy comic hands.

Sunday, Jun. 06

Studying deltoids.

Drawing a deltoid abstraction from imagination.

Here I took a simple shape (from David Finch’s video on how to draw arms) that abstracts the deltoid, and then tried to spin it around in space and draw it from multiple viewpoints. The next step would be to draw real deltoids over the shapes, using them as perspective guides.

Original comic page.

I continued refining the rough drawings. They are still really rough, but with each pass I bring them closer and closer to a finish. I’ll probably be working on this for another whole week.



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