Term 3, Anatomy II — Arms and Hands, Week 1

Week of May 24, 201

For a description of this unit see my Anatomy II unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


I enjoyed drawing hands this week. Drawing simplified forms of the bones is really an exercise in perspective drawing. This week I finally started doing some sketches from imagination. I’m aiming for every drawing session to be half learning and copying, and half drawing from imagination.


Drawings and Critiques

Monday, May. 24

Digital warmup.

Drawing with a stylus on a tablet is frustrating because I’m so much worse at it than using traditional materials. Eventually I will start doing digital painting units, but that might be a while. I still have a lot of fundamentals to cover.

Arm bone drawings.

Bridgman hands. I’m trying to draw every picture in Bridgman’s Book of a Hundred Hands.

Arm bone study.

Comic page thumbnails.

This is four different versions of the same page. It’s a very fast way to test out compositions and panel flows. I need to work on writing so I have some small, 2 or three page stories to illustrate.

Tuesday, May. 25

Digital warmup.

Proko arm bone exercises.

These are pretty sloppy because I’m so bad with the tablet.

Bridgman hands.

Some of the pictures in Bridgman’s book are so minimal that I don’t really know how to interpret them. That’s always been the problem with Bridgman.

Lay-in of a figure from imagination.

Wednesday, May. 26

Digital warmup.

Proko arm bone exercises.

Figure from imagination.

Obviously I need a lot more practice.

Bridgman hands.

Hand bones.

The thumb is way too big.

Thursday, May. 27

Bridgman hands.

Hand exercises.

The top half of the page are copied from comics and the bottom half is from imagination.

Friday, May. 28

Bridgman hands.

Copying proko hand bone simplified forms.

Proko hand bone exercise.

Saturday, May. 29

Bridgman hands.

Proko hand bone exercises.

Copy comic hands and simplified bone forms from imagination.

Drawing specific forms from imagination is much easier than having to choose the composition and subject. Here I am using the simplified forms of the hand bone, but I’m spinning them around in space trying to draw them at different angles without looking at any reference. This was a great exercise.

Sunday, May. 30

Bridgman hands.

Proko hand bone exercise.

The middle finger is pointing too far towards the index finger and the palm look too large, but otherwise I like this. The thumb looks great.



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