Term 2, Perspective II, Week 4

Week of March 22, 2021

5 min readMar 29, 2021


For a description of this unit see my Perspective II unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


This was a rough week. It’s always hard to find motivation when learning perspective. I find it really interesting and I learn a lot, but I don’t end up with any good drawings in the process. I’m happy to have finally completed drawabox lesson 7 and the 25 wheel challenge. The only exercises I haven’t done yet from drawabox are the 100 treasure chest challenge and the 25 texture challenge. In the last 2 weeks I spent over 60 hours on the Linear Perspective course at New Master’s Academy, and I barely reached 2 point perspective. All that time was spent on 1-point, which is crazy considering the cursory treatment of it in other courses I’ve gone through. It will probably take twice as long to cover 2 and 3-point perspective.


I took a bit of a break this weekend. This is the end of Term 2 (6 months down!).

Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Mar. 22

Palette table.

I built a small table to hold a glass oil painting palette. The bottom of the glass is stained with a neutral tone the same color as my canvas is stained. I’ll probably start drawing in a still life tomorrow and I should hopefully be ready to do some painting next week.

Drawabox wheels and vehicles.

One-point ellipses.

Top and front view of people sitting at a table in a room.

Tuesday, Mar. 23

Drawabox wheels.

Drawabox vehicles.

I decided to switch things up by trying a construction vehicle. I had the minor axis of the ellipse in the right place, but then I mistakenly made the major axis straight up and down. It should be tilted 90 degrees to the minor. Drawing vehicles this week was painful and I didn’t have the patience for them so I rushed through.

People at a table in 1-point.

Top down buildings in 1-point.

Wednesday, Mar. 24

Drawabox wheels and vehicles.

People in 1-point perspective

Worm’s eye view of buildings.

Thursday, Mar. 25

Drawabox wheels and vehicles.

Parallel objects.

This was supposed to show how objects of the same size don’t diminish when the faces are flush with the picture plane, but since I didn’t make them all the same size it didn’t really work out.

A bedroom.

Friday, Mar. 26

Drawabox wheels.

Bird’s eye view of a bedroom.

Some objects in 1-point.

Saturday, Mar. 27

Drawabox cars.

I tried David Finch’s method here in his how to draw cars video. It’s crazy how he doesn’t do any of the complex perspective I’m learning, yet seems to draw better than anyone teaching perspective. He draws a grid, then eyeballs everything. It felt like a fresh approach to perspective.

2-point objects in various positions.

A 2-point tiled floor constructed using a 45 degree reference point.

A 1-point tiled floor.

Sunday, Mar. 28

Drawabox cars.

My vanishing points were too close together which makes the diminution on the front pretty extreme. Drawing cars in pencil is much more enjoyable than doing them in pen. I can’t get ellipses right with an eraser, let alone without one.

Perfect 2-point boxes.

A 2-point room with vanishing points off the page.

This is the kind of thing I’m excited to learn about because it seems like the vanishing points will always be off the page in a real drawing.