Term 2, Figure Drawing II, Week 4

For a description of this unit see my Figure Drawing II unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


This was another good week. I really enjoyed copying Frazetta’s work during this term. Even though I only spent 45 minutes per day, working on the same drawing for several days in a row got me some practice for finishing middle length (3–4 hour) drawings, which I don’t do very often. I ended up with 10 Frazetta master studies.

I did a little practice from imagination this week. It’s much more manageable if you copy something multiple times, then put away the reference and try to draw from imagination. Taking the knowledge and immediately using it solidifies the concept better than learning something and moving on to the next thing immediately.

I would be perfectly happy continuing on with this unit for another couple weeks, but I’m also really excited about starting the next one. I’m glad to take a break from Croquis Cafe for a while. Sometimes the 1-minute gestures feel pointless.


I think 7:47 on Saturday is a new record.

Mostly drawing this week — only 2:15 of study. I draw along with videos instead of watching them and drawing on separate passes.

Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Feb. 08

Copy Frazetta (Gandalf from Lord of the Rings).


Croquis cafe #347.

The second page isn’t bad. I think I should either skip 1-minute gestures or try a different style. It’s just not enough time to do much with the Reilly method.

Reilly gestures from photos.

The torso looks a bit long in the second drawing. Getting the area between the rib cage and the pelvis to be the right length has been by biggest sticking point this week, along with arm thickness.

Reilly gestures from imagination.

I like these as far as proportion goes, but they aren’t in believable poses. The first one is doing a weird dance and the second one is dipping its toe into a pool. Not what I intended. Still, this is good for me in terms of drawing from imagination.

Structure exercises from instructor drawings.

I just finished the gesture today, and I add the structure in tomorrow.

Tuesday, Feb. 09

Copy Frazetta.

Structure from instructor drawings.

I like how this turned out. The head looks a tab too big.


Croquis cafe #346.

Reilly gesture from imagination.

I like this. I need to practice this more often.

Wednesday, Feb. 10

Copy Frazetta.

Reilly gestures from imagination.

I can’t get a character to look like he’s naturally standing on the ground. The bent leg in the top middle shouldn’t be going away from us that far. The lower right looks like it’s on a believable ground.


Croquis cafe #345.

Structure from instructor drawing.

Thursday, Feb. 11

Copy Frazetta.

I really like how this turned out. Favorite drawing of the week (maybe of the whole unit).


Croquis cafe #344.

Structure from instructor drawings.

Friday, Feb. 12

Copy Frazetta.


Croqui cafe #343.

Structure from instructor drawings.

These take me over 2 hours, although I’m following along with the video, which slows things down.

Saturday, Feb. 13

Copy Frazetta.


Croquis cafe #340.

Structure from instructor drawings.

Sunday, Feb. 14


Croqui cafe #339.

Structure from photos.

The torso looks too long on the first one, and something seems off with the head. I think it’s hard to tell the difference between the chin and the top of the beard. The neck shape is strange too. And the front arm is too long and/or too skinny. I like the second one. I like the second one. Her right foot could be bigger. Drawing these types of figures is exhausting. I assume it takes less effort eventually.




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