Term 2, Figure Drawing II, Week 2

For a description of this unit see my Figure Drawing II unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


This was another productive week. I got a lot of drawing done, put in a lot of work, and learned a lot of interesting information. I’m almost through the phase I figure drawing course, and will probably finish it mid way through next week. I’ll probably move on to Figure Drawing Fundamentals, also through Watts. It seems Croquis Cafe is no longer free, but there is still a playlist that has several old videos available publicly if you search for “croquis cafe vimeo channel.” I’m really enjoying copying Frazetta’s work. It’s much easier to copy his ink drawings with graphite than to copy his painting. I’ll probably stick with his ink drawings for the rest of the unit.


Over 30 hours of drawing this week.

Drawings and Critiques

Monday, Jan. 25

Copying Frazetta’s “Thunda.”


Croquis cafe #365.

I’m trying stick figures for the 1-minute drawings because I never have enough time for anything more.

Geometric mannequins.

These are free hand drawings of the box mannequin tracings I did last week.

Ovoid mannequin.

I like this mannequin because it’s still geometric but looks much more organic.

Tuesday, Jan. 26

Copying Frazetta’s “Thunda.”


Croquis cafe #364.

Drawing heavier models is really different because the circle becomes the basic building block.

Ovoid mannequins.

This is a humorous but unintentional composition.

Ovoid mannequins traced over comic book drawings.

Another fun exercise. It’s tracing, but you still have to think.

Free hand drawing the traced mannequins.

Wednesday, Jan. 27

Finished Frazetta’s “Thunda.”


Croquis cafe # 362.

I like #10.

Spiderman mannequin.

This “mannequin” is actually an action figure. These poses don’t look very natural. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s an action figure, or because I didn’t draw them well.

Thursday, Jan. 28

Copying Frazetta’s “Buck Rogers” cover.

I left a couple figures out from the original and focused on this guy.


Croquis cafe #361.

I always get the torso too long and skinny for recumbent figures.

Spiderman mannequin.

Friday, Jan. 29

Copying Frazetta’s “Buck Rogers” cover.

The background is a giant moon with a bunch of craters but I decided to leave it out since I’m focusing on figure drawing right now. I like how this turned out. His left arm has a strange forearm shape.


Croquis cafe #361.

I like #10.

Saturday, Jan. 30


Croquis cafe #359.

Spiderman mannequins.

Drawing all these was hard work.

Planes of the body.

The head seems a little small. This took me a long time. I feel like I learned a lot about anatomy though.

Sunday, Jan. 31


Croquis cafe #358.

Another warmup.

Reilly figure abstraction.

These look strange, but I think the concepts will really help with my gesture drawing.

Figure abstractions.

These are basically gesture drawings, but with some patterns. The main patterns are lines from the shoulders to the crotch, and from the neck to the hips. After the head and neck, those two shapes are supposed to fill out the torso, and from there it’s easy to add sweeps for appendages.

Planes of the body, profile and back views.



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