Term 2, Anatomy I — Torso, Week 3

Week of March 1, 2021

For a description of this unit see my Anatomy I — Torso unit plan. For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.


This was a tough week. The proko exercises are always exhausting. I think it’s because you can see a list of all the photos you have to draw from, so when that list is 10–12 items long it feels grindy, which makes me want to rush. I definitely rushed some of the work this week.

It looks like every photo I uploaded this week has been squashed into a square aspect ratio by Medium. I changed to a white light, whereas I usually take photos in a yellow light. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I guess I can’t complain when I’m asking them to store hundreds of MB of photos for free.

Drawings and Critiques

Copy David Finch.

Digital warmup.

Pectoralis tracings.

I’m still struggling with getting smooth lines on my tablet.

Copy Bridgman.

I threw in some Bridgman to give the tablet a rest.

Copy David Finch.


Drawing pecs over bones.

This was fun. I’ve never done any kind of coloring before (well, not as an adult anyway).

Practicing breasts.

Copy David Finch.

Digital ovals and straight lines.

I decided to focus a little more on digital drawing since so many of the proko exercises require it. Doing these simple exercises for a few days made a big difference. The main problem I’m having is finding a comfortable position in which to draw on the tablet. I can either have my keyboard within reach, my elbow on my desk, or my monitor a reasonable distance from my face, but not all three at once. The only comfortable position I’ve found so far is to draw standing up using my standing desk.

Warmup and quick sketches focusing on breasts.

Copy David Finch.

Digital ghosted lines, straight lines, and ovals.

Quick sketches focusing on breasts.

Shading is a struggle because it requires the conte pencil to be sharpened in a very specific manner. If I sharpen it perfectly, then do 5–10 minutes of line drawing, I have to sharpen it again before I start shading. Otherwise it’s very difficult to get a smooth, soft edge.

Copy David Finch.


Rectus abdominus exercises.

The abs in #1A look like complete gibberish. They’re much better in #2B after I watched the instructor demo.

Copy David Finch.

Another successful Finch copy. His left arm may be a bit skinny. I had trouble with his right foot, but the rubble kind of hides it.

Digital straight lines and ovals.


Digital lines and ovals with varying pressure.

Now I have to do two things at once — get the line right, and get the pressure right.


External oblique exercises.

I’m really not sure if I’m doing these correctly. There is apparently a facebook group for this course. I should submit some of my work and get some feedback.



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