Figure Drawing IV — Comics Unit Plan

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.

Now that I have learned the basics of anatomy I want to return to figure drawing. I’m going to focus on comic art this month, which means all my references will be from comics.



David Finch’s figure drawing tutorials on youtube.

I’ve gone through all these videos before, but in the past my strategy was to draw along as I watched, completing each drawing that Finch did. After that I would move on to the next video. This time around, I want to practice the “right” way, which is to take each drawing he does as an example exercise, and then do that exercise several times on my own, both from other reference and from imagination.

Art Parent

John Buscema.

I just got Marvel’s Savage Sword of Conan volume 4 omnibus, so I have about 1000 pages of great Buscema art to practice from.


I have enough internal inspiration right now that I don’t need to go to external sources to find any.


Every day I’ll use half my study time to do exercises, and half the time to work on original art. For the time spent on exercises, I will use half that time drawing from reference, and half the time drawing from memory/imagination. For example, if I have 1 hour for gesture drawing, I will spend 30 minutes copying comic pages, then spend 30 minutes trying to draw those same pages from memory.

Week 1 — Gesture

  • Do gesture drawings from comic art.
  • I’m not going to set time limits this month. I’ll take as long as I need to get a nice gesture drawing.

Week 2 — Structure

  • Mannequinize drawings from comic art.
  • Experiment with different mannequins.

Week 3 — Shadow mapping

  • Add anatomy to mannequins, then add line weight and block in shadows.

Week 4 — Rendering

  • Practice cross hatching and bringing figures to a finish with secondary and tertiary forms.



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