Anatomy IV — Bridgman Unit Plan

August 16, 2021 to September 12, 2021

For full context, see the description of my Art Home School Curriculum.

I’ve been looking forward to this unit for over a year now. I’ve tried to draw from Bridgman’s books in the past, but trying to understand them without any foundational anatomy knowledge was like trying to navigate a sprawling city without a map. Now that I have learned the basics of anatomy, I’m eager to see what I can learn from Bridgman.


  • Proko’s How to Study Bridgman on youtube.
  • Moderndayjames’s Deciphering Bridgman series on youtube.
  • Videos from the QR codes in the Watts on Bridgman book (below).

Art Parent

George Bridgman, of course.


David Finch’s recommended way to study Bridgman is to 1) draw every picture in the book, then 2) draw every picture in the book again, but this time from memory.


  • Copy Bridgman’s drawings in a linear, comic style.
  • Copy Bridgman’s drawings in a tonal style.
  • Draw Bridgman’s drawings from memory.
  • Draw Bridgman’s drawings from imagination by rotating the forms in space.



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